Alber Zoran was founded in 2010 in Barcelona as an independent textile design studio. Since then they have worked hand in hand with several international brands creating collections full of original designs, combining chic color patterns with bohemian touches inspired by the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean coast.

In 2014 they presented their first official collaboration to the public with Versace 1969 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL and a year later at the end of 2015, they launched their first collection of accessories to the International market, under their own brand name, Alber Zoran. They followed this launch with a man´s collection including AZ Jeans and Polo shirts. Since then, Alber Zoran has continued to grow and is currently being sold in more than 15 countries with it´s main focus being the North of Europe and Asia.

Fencing: A life philosophy
Fencing is a noble sport, a fight where you face your opponent head-on, looking them in the eye and therefore considered a fair fight. The founders of Alber Zoran practiced this sport during their university days and from the first practice session they knew that these same values would accompany them throughout their professional and personal lives.

Years later during the creative process of designing the logo for Alber Zoran, they recalled the hours practicing fencing in which the strength of the movements of the fencers competing resemble an elegant dance which perfectly represented the aesthetic values ​​of the brand: strength and elegance, evoking a timeless sport and a classic look